Job Opening – MORA is Seeking a Family Care Specialist

March 7, 2019

Family Care Specialist-Tissue

Department- Family Services

Hours- Flexible nights and weekends providing on-call family support 24/7 as dictated by rotating call schedule to potential donor families

Education and work experience

  • 2 year college degree
  • Minimum one year work experience in counseling, bereavement social work or nursing.
  • Knowledge of acceptable medical terminology
  • Excellent computer and typing skills
  • Possesses strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills demonstrated thru active listening and guidance
  • Ability to work under stressful environment dealing with intense emotions and families in crises.

General Statement (Summary of duties & responsibilities):

The Family Care Specialist is responsible for providing in-depth medical screening of potential tissue donors, obtaining appropriate authorization, providing support to donor families during the authorization process, collecting donor medical/social history, and determining donor suitability in collaboration with tissue management, recovery team leaders and tissue processors.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Evaluates potential tissue donors in accordance with regulatory standards and tissue processor medical criteria, to provide safe tissue for transplantation.
  • Presents options for donation to families and obtain authorization or support registry status.
  • Obtains a complete detailed Donor Risk Assessment.
  • Provides follow-up with donor families, as appropriate.
  • Maintains an Authorization rate consistent with the department average.
  • Ensures donor documentation in the electronic donor record is accurate and maintained in real time.
  • Communicates and provides critical medical screening information to other departments, processors and agencies, as appropriate.
  • Actively seeks information pertinent to current donation and transplantation issues.
  • Performs data entry corrections as required and notified by Quality Systems by the end of the next working shift.
  • Performs other activities as directed.