MORA Seeks Manager of Donation Communication Services

January 26, 2022

(Note: throughout this document the term Tissue is comprehensive for both tissue & eye)

Company/Regional Office:               Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency

Reporting Relationship:                   Director of Family Services

Work Schedule:                               8:00 – 4:30; on call as needed

Exemption Status:                             Exempt

Emergency Status:                            Essential


Supervisory Position:                       Supervisory

General Statement (Summary of duties and responsibilities)

The Manager of Donation Communication Services (MDCS) is responsible for the overall management of MORA’s Communication Center and the management of approaching by phone potential tissue and/or eye donor families determined to be medically suitable for donation by MORA. The MDCS oversees the collection of appropriate medical information to aide in donor eligibility evaluation for organ, eye and tissue donation and distribute the clinical information to the appropriate personnel for follow up. The MDCS is responsible for coordination of investigating the possibility of donor designation, initiating the process of discussing the tissue and/or eye donation option with the family with reasonable discretion and sensitivity to the family’s circumstances, values or beliefs.  The MDCS also ensures that the communication center and family services documentation is in compliance with governing bodies and standards of practice. The MDCS will schedule, monitor, and review staff documentation, authorization /disclosure recordings and follow-up communication with donor families for accuracy and completeness.

Organizational Responsibility

As an employee of MORA, it is important to: value our commitment to our mission and vision; maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork; respect diversity; follow policies and procedures; demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards; observe; observe safety and security procedures; be consistently punctual and dependable; and continually demonstrate our core values.

Education and Work Experience Requirements:

  1. Four-year college degree with a minimum two years’ experience in approaching for tissue/eye donation
  2. Minimum one year experience in counseling, bereavement care, ministry, or social work
  3. Demonstrated ability to persist in situations dealing with intense emotions and families in crisis.
  4. Excellent ability to communicate by demonstrated interpersonal and listening skills.
  5. Computer and typing skills
  6. Proven consent rate of 35% or higher and a demonstrated ability to persist in situations dealing with intense emotions and families in crisis.
  7. Ability in short-and-long-range planning.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Oversees and monitors all communication center activities in accordance with MORA, AATB and tissue processor criteria.
  2. Provides effective guidance and management to the communication center staff.
  3. Roles and responsibilities of the Donation Communication Specialist I and II -see separate job descriptions.
  4. Reviews all activities related to approach for tissue and eye donation by phone.
  5. Schedules monthly 24/7 call for the Communication Center.
  6. Evaluates time cards submitted by Communication Center Staff to ensure appropriate time worked.
  7. Oversees and reviews all Donation Communication Specialist II’s documentation including: authorization/disclosure and DRAI paperwork, authorizations /disclosure recordings, and electronic data base computer documentation for accuracy and completeness.
  8. Provides guidance for the Tissue family care specialists for best practice approach and difficult family dynamics.
  9. Ensures follow up with hospital staff, coroners and funeral homes to promote a positive relationship with MORA.
  10. Calculates and reviews the productivity rates for the Donation Communication Specialist in regard to authorization, authorized not recovered and other necessary activity.
  11. Directs orientation of new communication center staff, continuing education and training in regard to best authorization practices, tissue requirements, regulations, rule-outs that affect the authorization process.
  12. Ensures written follow-up to thank essential nursing staff responsible for initiating the tissue and eye referral.
  13. Maintains patient/donor family confidentiality.
  14. Meets agreed upon goals and objectives effectively and in a timely manner.
  15. Performs other duties or projects as assigned by the Director of Family Services.
  16. Is responsible for department’s Quality Assurance and Process Improvement program.

Physical Environment/Working Conditions:

  1. Work Hours: Manager of Donation Communication Services is a full-time salaried position with hours worked consisting of office planning time for communication services and includes being available to assist staff during heavy case activity and/or take call when necessary to assure adequate coverage.

Category III

The incumbent in this position has virtually no potential for occupational exposure.

Equipment/Machinery Used:

Computer, scanner, telephone, mobile phone, paper shredder, fax machine.


The incumbent will have access to confidential material, and needs to use discretion with this information.

Employer’s Rights:

This job description does not list all the duties of the job.  You may be asked by management to perform other duties.  MORA has the right to revise this job description at any time.  This job description is not a contract for employment.  Your continued employment with MORA is by mutual consent.

Drug testing and background check performed prior to hire. Send resume and cover letter to MORA at