MORA Seeking Funeral Home/Coroner Liaison

March 3, 2023

Job Title: Funeral Home/Coroner Liaison 

Company/Regional Office: Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA)

Reporting Relationship: Director of Hospital Development

Work Schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday                                  

Exemption Status: Exempt

Emergency Status: Essential

Position: Non-Supervisory

Funeral Home/Coroner Liaison Summary of duties and responsibilities:

Develop and maintain effective relationships with coroners, funeral directors, and tissue donor hospitals throughout the MORA service area. Facilitate the donor process and maximize organ/tissue referrals and procurement through coroner, funeral home, and hospital cooperation in the organ and tissue donor programs and develop consistent, uniform interaction between these communities and MORA.

Organizational Responsibility

As an employee of MORA, it is important to value our commitment to our mission and vision; maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork; respect diversity; follow policies and procedures; demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards; observe safety and security procedures; be consistently punctual and dependable; and continually demonstrate our core values.

Education and Work Experience Qualifications:

  1. A minimum of one year prior work experience in a public relations, marketing, or communication function, preferably in the healthcare, funeral home, or forensic industry.
  2. Excellent written and communication skills.
  3. Proven ability in short- and long-range planning.
  4. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
  5. Proven experience in project implementation and project management.
  6. Ability to analyze data and drive performance towards metric-based goals.
  7. Demonstrated ability to develop relationships and influence decision-makers.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Coordinate and implement a strategic plan for coroners, funeral homes, and tissue donor hospitals that includes strong coordination between referral, approach, recovery, and autopsy pre/post release.
  2. Develop and maintain a positive, professional relationship between MORA and the coroner, funeral home, tissue donor hospital, and civic community.
  3. Assist in the development and coordination of professional education, seminars, workshops, and in-services for coroner’s offices, funeral homes, and tissue donor hospitals. Evaluate education needs with other MORA staff as necessary.
  4. Analyze data and information and develop strategies to increase tissue referrals from hospital and non-hospital agencies.
  5. Maintain coroner information in electronic data base.
  6. Maintain regular communications with Director of Tissue, Director of Family Care, and Director of Donation Communication Center.
  7. Demonstrate the ability and desire to actively seek ways to improve the service delivered to all “customers.”
  8. Facilitate/Participate in coroner, funeral home sub-committee meetings and report pertinent data.
  9. Lead innovative projects that allow automation of tissue referrals to MORA.
  10. Customize education plans for coroners’ offices, funeral homes, and tissue hospitals tailored to needs of specific facilities (as necessary) and MORA. As personnel changes, ensure new staff receives education material. Utilize site visits and case follow-up to assess coroner’s offices, funeral homes’ needs, and hospitals’ needs.
  11. Enhance professional relationships with coroners’ offices, funeral homes, and tissue hospital staff via meetings, seminars, and problem-solving opportunities.
  12. Attend regularly scheduled and unscheduled meetings with staff and management team to communicate information and facilitate cooperative departmental activities.
  13. Ensure that priorities are established for work performed, according to donor activity and department requirements.
  14. Assist in the development and implementation of activities designed to encourage the participation of coroners, medical examiners, funeral homes, and tissue hospitals in the donation process.
  15. Develop long-term and short-term goals (action plans) using referral and case follow-up, chart audit analysis, and hospital trends to identify education deficits and provide education; increase collaboration; decrease refusals/ rule-outs; and identify and resolve issues that impede the donor process.
  16. Consistently obtain data to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of trends and potential for organ and tissue donation, including history of relationships with coroners to assess effectiveness of implemented action plans.
  17. Share information obtained in a timely manner with appropriate hospital staff and coroners and funeral home directors.
  18. Maintain memberships in professional organizations related to the coroner and funeral home industries.
  19. Maintain and utilize electronic database to track and analyze referral efforts for coroners’ offices, funeral homes, and tissue hospitals.
  20. Uphold the standards of behavior set by MORA.

Non-Essential Job Functions:

Note: These “non-essential job functions” represent job functions that the incumbent is responsible for performing. However, if necessary, these job functions could be performed by other personnel.

  1. Assist with education material and activities as directed by the Director and Vice President, Family, Partner & Tissue Services.
  2. Assist with special projects and other duties as directed by the Director and Vice President, Family, Partner & Tissue Services.

Physical Environment/Working Conditions:

  1. Travel: This role will be required to travel by personal automobile or rented vehicle within the MORA service area to accomplish job responsibilities of the position.
  2. Work Hours: The position is a full-time, salaried position. Hours worked consist of office planning time, travel to and from work-related functions, and partner site visits within MORA’s service area.

Category II

The incumbent in this position has the potential for occupational exposure through observation.

Equipment/Machinery Used:

Employee is required to operate audiovisual equipment when needed. Appropriate orientation to the equipment is provided. Office equipment includes use of fax, copier, and personal computer as appropriate.


The incumbent will have access to confidential material and needs to use discretion with this information.

Employer’s Rights:

This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by management to perform other duties. MORA has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment. Your continued employment with MORA is by mutual consent.