MORA Seeking Community Outreach Coordinator

April 14, 2023

Company/Regional Office:     Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency

Reporting Relationship:          Director of Community Services & Relations

Work Schedule:                      8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Exemption Status:                   Exempt

Emergency Status:                  Non Essential

Supervisory Position:              No

Community Outreach Coordinator – (Summary of duties and responsibilities):

The COC is responsible for helping to plan and implement the public relations and marketing functions in areas MORA serves. The COC will help to create special events or campaigns that further MORA’s mission through awareness or fundraising. The COC is responsible for any related departmental projects as assigned by the supervisor and directors.

Organizational Responsibility

As an employee of MORA, it is important to value our commitment to our mission and vision, maintain effective communication, exhibit teamwork, respect diversity, follow policies and procedures, demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness while meeting productivity standards, observe, observe safety and security procedures, be consistently punctual and dependable, and continually demonstrate our core values.

Education and Work Experience Qualifications:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Marketing and Management or a related field
  2. A minimum of 2 years prior work experience in any public relations, marketing or communications function
  3. Proven ability in short- and long-range planning
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills-experience in public speaking is preferred
  5. The ability to work with, communicate, and manage personnel specific to Community Relations.

Essential Job Functions – Community Outreach Coordinator

  1. Provide effective promotion of MORA mission through community outreach activities, including but not limited to volunteer programs, Department of Public Safety, and Religious Outreach efforts.
  2. Serve as a public speaker at civic club meetings, schools, fairs, etc.
  3. Solicit speaking engagements with outside organizations
  4. Build partnerships with various organizations to increase awareness
  5. Attend public functions to represent MORA’s participation in community events
  6. Perform other duties and assignments as required by his/her Director
  7. Document all activities on a weekly basis

Non-Essential Job Functions:

Note: These “non-essential job functions” represent job functions that the incumbent is responsible for performing. However, if necessary, these job functions could be performed by other personnel.

  1. Assist with education material and activities as directed by supervisor
  2. Assist with special projects and other duties as directed by MORA management

Physical Environment/Working Conditions:

Travel: The employee may be required to travel by personal automobile or commercial aircraft within the MORA service area to accomplish the job responsibilities of the position.

Work Hours:  The position is a full-time, salaried position. Hours worked consist of office time for planning public education activities and travel to and from functions in and out of the MORA service area. Occasional nights and weekends will be required.

Category III

The incumbent in this position has virtually no potential for occupational exposure.

Equipment/Machinery Used:

The employee is required to operate digital video equipment. The employee should also be proficient with a camera. Appropriate orientation to the equipment is provided. Office equipment includes the use of fax, copier, and personal computer as appropriate.


The incumbent will have access to confidential material and must use discretion with this information.

Please submit cover letter and resume to Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency at