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Becoming a donor is just the beginning

Being a donor is only one way to spread the word about the life saving potential of organ and tissue donation. Whether through monetary donations, or simply being vocal about your choice to become a donor, you’re doing even more to help the cause. You’re doing more to help change lives. As an organization, MORA is a small not-for-profit, a few individuals working toward a huge mission. We need your help to reach everyone we can with our life-changing message.

Here are some ways you can help


Contributions to MORA and the cause of organ and tissue awareness are tax deductible.
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Raising Awareness

There are plenty of ways to spread the word about organ and tissue donations. Here are just a few.

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Sharing Your Story

If you’ve been personally touched by organ and tissue donation, or know someone who has, tell your story. With your permission, it may even be posted here on our website.

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Our Donate Life Ambassador Program puts you in touch with myriad opportunities for volunteering. Volunteer opportunities range from education to special events to marketing projects.

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Outreach Activities

National Donate Life Month and National Donor Sabbath take place in April and November, respectively. These are our two largest nationwide outreach efforts, and MORA celebrates each month with several events.

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