Donor Friends and Family

Initiating Contact

As a family member of a donor, you may or may not decide to write a note to the transplant recipients. The decision to write to transplant recipients is a very personal one.  You have experienced a tremendous loss. Transplant recipients understand your grief. It may be just as difficult for them to write you.

You may not write at this time, but you may decide in a few months or years that you want to try opening the lines of communication. There is no time limit for sending correspondence.

If you decide to write to the recipient(s), we have some suggestions that may be helpful.

Should both parties want to meet, MORA will help facilitate a personal meeting between donor family member and transplant recipients. This normally happens after written communication over a period of time.


Donor Family Resources

We’ve compiled a list of resources for local and National Organizations that can provide information, counseling and supportive services. National organizations often have local chapters that may be easily accessible. If you are unable to locate a resource in your area, please contact us so that we may be able to find support services near you.
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Raise Awareness

Are you interested in helping promote awareness of organ donation?  You can help MORA raise awareness for friends and families of donors by heading to our Raise Awareness section.
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