Multiethnic Communities

In communities of color, the need for organ donors is great. Multiethnic groups, including Black/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islanders and American Indians, are more likely to need a lifesaving organ transplant. In Mississippi, more than 90% of individuals in need of a kidney transplant are Black/African American. Certain diseases that can lead to organ failure, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are more prevalent in ethnically diverse communities.

Although it’s not necessary for someone awaiting an organ transplant to match with a donor based on race or ethnicity, transplant matches within ethnic groups can be more successful. This is because compatible blood types and other markers are more likely found in members of the same ethnicity. Nearly 60% of the National Transplant Waiting List is made up of people of color, so it is vital that more members of these multiethnic communities add their names to the donor registry.

We need your help to spread a positive message in communities of color by dispelling common myths and sharing facts about donation.

Below are some interesting statistics from Donate Life America.

Did You Know?

Kidney Disease

  • 33% of all American adults are at risk for kidney disease
  • Black/African Americans are three to four times more likely to progress to kidney failure compared to White Americans
  • Hispanics/Latinxs are 1.3 times more likely to progress to kidney failure compared to White Americans

Waiting List

  • There are over 100,000 people nationally who are waiting on a lifesaving transplant. Of these:
  • 28% of people waiting are Black/African American
  • About 21% people of waiting are Hispanic/Latinx
  • 9% of people waiting for a transplant are Asian/Pacific Islander

Recipients in 2021

  • 2,620 Asian/Pacific Islander organ transplant recipients
  • 7,499 Hispanic/Latino organ transplant recipients
  • 9,253 Black/African American organ transplant recipients

Donors in 2021

    • 664 living and deceased Asian/Pacific Islander donors
    • 2,501 living and deceased Black/African American donors
    • 3,109 living and deceased Hispanic/Latino donors

To learn more facts about multicultural donation statistics, click here.

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