Recipient Friends and Family

Initiating Contact

Sometimes, transplant recipients choose to write to donor families to express their gratitude. The decision to write to the donor family is your personal choice. Often recipients say it’s impossible to find words to appropriately express appreciation for such a gift, given under such difficult circumstances. In response, many donor families have said a card or a personal note from the recipient offers comfort. Whether or not you decide to communicate with your donor family – it’s your choice.

MORA supports communication between donor family members and transplant recipients. We are happy to forward cards and written correspondence to the appropriate parties. All correspondence is completely anonymous, and identities are kept confidential.

If you would like to write to your donor family, you may send a greeting card or a letter. We’ve prepared some suggestions that may be helpful for you when contacting a donor’s family.

Should both parties want to meet, MORA will help facilitate a personal meeting between donor family member and transplant recipients. This normally happens after written communication over a period of time.

Raise Awareness

Are you interested in helping promote awareness of organ donation?  You can help MORA raise awareness for transplant recipients by heading to our Raise Awareness section.