Spreading Kindness

As an effort to continue support of our brave donor families, MORA has created Kindness Project cards to invite you to participate in this expression of love in the midst of your grief. Donation is a profound act of kindness. This project is one way to celebrate and share your loved one’s legacy, spread kindness in your community, and keep their memory alive.

Examples of Simple Acts of Kindness

• Leaving a generous tip for wait staff at a restaurant

• Dropping off snacks for employees at a workplace that was meaningful to your loved one (example: if a beloved child wanted to grow up to be a firefighter, a family may spread kindness by giving to the local fire station)

• Donating needed items to shelters/charities that were important to your loved one (for example, covering pet adoption costs for a family if your loved one was an animal lover.)

• Leaving a basket of inexpensive toys or activities in a public park for families to enjoy (bubbles, chalk, balls)

• Anonymously purchasing someone’s birthday cake order at the grocery store; this can be very meaningful if it’s around the time of your loved one’s birthday

• Paying for the order behind you in a drive-thru line

• Whatever act of kindness YOU or YOUR FAMILY decide is meaningful to honor your loved one

Get creative and don’t forget to leave the Kindness Project card with your beautiful gesture! Read more about the Kindness Project and view how others have participated at www.MISSfoundation.org.

Download more Kindness Project cards below.

You can print on plain cardstock or use Avery 5371 Business Card paper.