Nominate a Deserving Candidate for a 2016 Spero Award

May 10, 2016

You may now nominate a deserving candidate for the 2016 Spero Awards hosted by the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA) HERE. The awards will recognize hospital partners, medical professionals, corporate partners and donor advocates that work tirelessly and in conjunction with MORA and the Mississippi Lions Eye Bank (MLEB) to promote organ, eye and tissue donation to ultimately save and heal lives.

The word Spero (Sp?-r?) is Latin for “hope.” The title was chosen to reflect the hope that organ, eye and tissue donation brings to those in need of a lifesaving organ or a life improving tissue transplant.

“The Spero Awards are something that our staff puts a lot of time and effort into because of those that we are honoring”, said Kevin Stump, Chief Executive Officer of MORA. “The hospital partners, medical professionals, community supporters, donation advocates and most of all our donor families and transplant recipients are essential to reinforcing our message about how organ, eye and tissue donation saves and heals lives of Mississippians and others around the country. Without their support and their efforts, we would not be able to be successful at saving and healing lives.”