Governor Signs Organ Donor Law Via Hunting, Fishing License

June 24, 2022

We are excited to share that Mississippians now have a new way to register their wishes to be organ, eye, and tissue donors. Donate Life Mississippi (DLMS) and Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks (MSDWFP) joined forces to get a law passed allowing Mississippi sportsmen and sportswomen to register their wishes to be a donor when they purchase or renew their hunting and fishing license online.

Governor Tate Reeves signed SB 2505 on April 18, 2022 but ceremoniously signed the new law on May 18th.

Ronnie Raggio, an avid sportsman, received a liver transplant in 2018 and was on hand for the signing. “It is so humbling to have someone save your life by giving the Gift of Life,” Raggio said. Soon after his transplant, he began lobbying for a bill such as this to be passed. “I believe 90 to 100% of the sportsmen and sportswomen will have a positive response to the ability to give people hope by registering as donors,” Raggio added.

 “We are excited to have another avenue for Mississippians to provide hope to those in need on the transplant waiting list,” said Kevin Stump, Chief Executive Officer of Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA). “We are very proud to be one of the handful of states that now offers the opportunity for registration through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses,” added Kim Van Frank, Executive Director of Mid-South Transplant Foundation (MSTF). MORA and MSTF are part of Donate Life Mississippi along with Mississippi Lions Eye Bank (MLEB) and Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS). DLMS works to reduce the number of Mississippians on the transplant waiting list, which is currently over 1,300 of the 100,000+ people waiting nationally.

Mississippians may also register when they purchase or renew a Mississippi driver’s license online or in person, at or on the iPhone health app. The law will take effect July 1.

Donate Life MS Representatives Attend Bill Signing
Donate Life Mississippi representatives joined Senator Whaley and liver recipient, Ronnie Raggio and family
for the bill signing May 19th
(L to R: Kevin Stump, Russell Touchet, Kelly Cress, Ronnie Raggio, Josh Raggio, 
Senator Whaley, Trisha Byrd, Kim Van Frank and Kellie Wier)